This is something that I’ve been wondering for a while now, who has been making good music in the past few years (2010 – 2012) between this two companies Young Money & Maybach Music Group.

Young Money has a huge crew of talented rappers as we have heard from the We Are Young Money album but only a select few are making it big and that album was the last time we heard some of the other guys in our shores (South Africa) and we only get to hear people like Lil’ Wayne, Drake, Nicki Minaj & now Tyga, on the other side we only have a few (4) guys who are signed to Maybach Music Group we have Rick Ross, Wale, Meek Mil, and Pill and we heard all of them on the Self Made Vol. 1. Out those four artists, I’ve only got to hear songs from the first three guys which are not from that album.

Out of these two Companies let’s start with Maybach Music Group on the Company we have Rick Ross whom is the CEO of the company dude is a good rapper whom I didn’t like at first and is only getting better with time because Trilla & Deeper Than Rap were not that much of good albums but then Teflon Don was good let’s say better than the first two albums and even though it got released early 2010 I can still go back to listen to it to show that they are good songs with nice beats & make up a good package and then we have Wale who released his first album with a different label so won’t talk about but damn the new one (Ambition) which is released under Maybach Music Group in conjunction with Jay. Z’s Rock Nation is a that type of album which if you were to play all of the songs on a radio station people would listen to them and say most of them if not all of them are good songs and you can hear Rick Ross’s influence in the whole album which I think is a good thing, the last person on the MMG list whom I’ve heard songs from is the ex-con Meek Mill even though I haven’t heard him on a full-length album all I can say is that dude is good and very talented & all dude needs to do is choose his beats wisely and not go to jail again but then the singles I’ve heard so far are good street bangers.

On the other side (Young Money) the is Drake whom is a good rapper with good concepts you find that the is a Album like Take Care which as a friend of mine once said sounds like “a cheap pop album” and to be honest with you that’s true because the album is put down as a Hip-Hop album but then you find that the is more singing than rapping on the album which for me was once nice when drake was still new to me because dude didn’t over do it as he does now but then the are still nice songs on the album like The Real Her, Crew Love, Headlines, HYFR and few others were as his 2010 album (Thank Me Later) was a better album because you could could listen to the whole thing without skipping a track & the same goes with Lil’ Waynes Tha Carter IV album it sold a million copies in a week but for me it was not as good as Tha Carter III which I can still listen to now and put it down as a classic and say it deserved to sell a million copies in a week which it did. I now think that both of these guy’s latest albums were rushed if only they didn’t rush things these guys would’ve made good albums as we’ve heard before. I won’t say much about Tyga all I can say is after the A Fan Of A Fan (Mixtape) I thought dude had something huge coming our way but then dude comes up with songs like Rack City and Faded which to me are not the type of tracks I will be listening to by September or even June this year & we have Lil’ Twist whom we’ve only heard singles from for a young dude like him they are good ones hope he matures with age unlike his stable mates then lastly but not least we have Nicki Minaj whom I think is a good rapper but then the way she carries herself I didn’t listen to her Pink Friday album because she seems like some sort of Gimmick but due to the songs that I heard from people, tevevision & the radio they were good songs which I could’ve listened to, now she comes with singles from the new album songs like Stupid Stupid or whatever they call it that’s a bad song a very bad song to be clear and the Grammy perfomance made me hate her even more because when you see people flying & doing all those things she did you think of whitchcraft.

Under The Maybach Music Group banner, I didn’t include Pill because I only heard him on the Self Made Vol. 1 album and he was not that interesting for me and Under The Young Money banner I didn’t include a large crop of guys whom we are not hearing this side on our radios & televisions.

My conclusion to this debate that I’ve been having with myself is that all of this guys are good talented artists, its just that at the moment Young Money is not doing the good music that we first heard them do and not all of them are as working as we much as they can and on the other side (Maybach Music Group) I can say even though the record label seems relatively newer than Young Money the guys there are working harder making good music and just like wine are getting better with time.

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