Over the past couple of months a lot of South Africans that don’t have DStv have been watching the NBA Basketball League on SABC 1 the channel plays round about 3 live games per week which for me is a great thing because before this most of these people only heard about the players on Hip hop songs, the radio and so forth and now they can see all of this guy on their television screens and then get to see why rappers rap about them and why Lil’ Wayne says Kobe Bryant is the greatest player to touch the ball according to him.

This to me is a bold and nice move by the SABC I’m a major fan I got hooked last year seeing Rajon Rondo play for the Bolton Celtics in the play-off against the Miami Heat with a twisted arm caused by Dwane Wade and then going on to win the game for the Celtics just to name a single memorable moment from last season. The SABC signed a major deal with the NBA to give us some games live which is great, we just can’t be watching soccer every day we need alternatives and that’s what the SABC is bringing us with this deal and I actually think that this will surely bring in some talented Basketball players from South Africa to the South African Basketball Team which is not that visible as the soccer, rugby. and cricket teams at the moment because teens will be dragged into the sport and want to be great like the American superstars and then wanna play there among them.

The SABC says it’s launching a Sport Channel on the 1st of October (Which never happened) which it says will move all of the sports from the current three channels to the channel made for sports Basketball will be one of the main drivers according to me second to just after the main 3 sports that the SABC doesn’t have the rights to televise, I just hope that aside from them televising the live games they should also include review shows that’s has American Panelists reviewing the games that took place the previous night or maybe the previous week I for one like hearing people who know a lot about the sport talk and then review the players because I’m still new to the sport because just seeing Siya (Scoop) talk about South African Basketball ain’t enough. I also think that they should also try dragging in the Euroleague Basketball to the forth because after seeing the semi-finals and the Final game of the league I think that the league is also great and the nice thing about it is we have almost the same time frame as the guys in Europe.

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