The South African Government has been gearing up to switch over to digital television and by doing that the guys SABC say they will end up having round about 18 channels which means that they might be using all of the space they will be having on their spectrum so by next year they say they would’ve launched two new channels that’s SABC Sports and a 24 Hours News channel that doesn’t have a name now but then the name revolves around having 24 on it.

Now today I just wanna talk about SABC Sports what will it have and what it might want to have to succeed for me so that they can end up taking away the market share from Supersport and ESPN, in the past few months people without DStv have been watching some NBA games live on SABC 1 due to a major million deal that they signed at the beginning of the year that’s one thing that we will be getting when they launch their channel on the 1st of October (This never happened and I guess its highly unlikely that they even launch this channel this year or during the first quarter of next year or even before the AFCON Games, I hear they are even going to mess up the time schedule of their channels so that we can see the games like) and on Tuesday (16 May) SAFA and the SABC told us that they’ve signed a major billion deal that will prevent all those major National team game blackouts we’ve been having in the past couple of months couple or even years that’s another thing we will be getting
We have two deals signed & sealed that’s the NBA deal and the SAFA deals NBA Live games only play at night due to the time difference we have we the U.S.A. and Bafana Bafana, Banyana Banyana and The under 23 side only play once in a while so what will they be playing in between those times I hear you asking, here is what I think they should add… The should add NBA review shows (Something like your Soccer Zone) specially made for NBA even if they use something straight from NBA I think we won’t mind because that will close the vacuum space and the repeating of things we would get, they should also try getting us other sport rights like cricket, rugby and so forth. I tell you this guy will rake in the money.

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