“Whose Weeknd?” That’s the first question I get from my friends when I ask them if they know The Weeknd or not but when I play them songs by Drake which have the Weeknd in them they go like “Oh this is The Weeknd, dude has a nice voice & wish I could hear more songs by this guy” so a couple of weeks back I kinda wanted answer to some of the questions I’ve been asking myself like “Who is the guy behind The Weeknd, are the more songs out there by him & what record label is he signed to” so I got the answer to the questions above and here they are.


Who is the guy behind The Weeknd?

The Weeknd real name is Abel Tesfaye, he comes from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the guy is a 22 years old singer-songwriter, rapper & producer. From what I get dude started doing all of this in 2009 as a member of a production group called The Noise then moved on to do things on late 2010 when he started recording songs and uploading them on YouTube.

Are The More Songs Out There By Him?

Fortunately there are songs by him out there in fact after uploading those songs on YouTube dude went on to release a 9 track mixtape in March of 2011 called House Of Balloons which then Complex Magazine rated as the album of the year which beat Watch The Throne by Jay Z & Kanye West to that spot, then in August dude then went on to release another 9 track mixtape called Thursday then later on in the year (December) he released the last piece of the trilogy and most notably what I think is the best of the whole trilogy Echoes of Silence and the last week dude started leaking tracks from 2009 which were meant to be on an unreleased 9 track Mixtape called The Noise.

What Record Label Is He Signed To?

At the moment dude is signed to a record label called X0 I don’t know much about it so I can’t give you much about it but I surely expect an album very soon with this much hype around him.

Hope I gave you more than enough info about this guy whom I think is one of the best things to come out of Canada when it comes to urban music and I just hope you go to his website http://www.the-weeknd.com and give his music his try.


Below I have attached his Trilogy album which includes all of the mixtapes I mentioned above enjoy.


Trilogy By The Weeknd

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