Just last month Apple won a major patent lawsuit against Samsung and from what people around have been saying that actually means that Samsung and Android are just major copycats I don’t know about that all I can say about this whole thing is that even though Apple won the lawsuit Samsung is still running away with the money because 2/4 people I know own a Samsung phone whether that phone is the Samsung Galaxy S III or to the lowest phones out there a Samsung E250 that just shows that people out there actually love Sammy and by the looks of it if things go sour for Sammy it might turn out to be another Nokia kind of scenario where even though people no longer like the higher end of things or Software they will keep the company afloat by just buying the basic feature phones.

The title of this article is What’s In It For You?

So here is what I think IS IN IT FOR YOU in a year or even less because some people might not be drawn to a company that the court says it a copycat.

Windows Phone 8

Windows 8 is launching on the 25th of October… Windows Phone 8 is a huge door that’s opening for each and every single mobile customer & handset manufacture out there besides Apple (iOS), Motorola (Owned by Google (Android))& RIM (BlackBerry) because Microsoft is rebooting its own Desktop Operating System to what its been using on the mobile front since Windows Phone 7 and by so it sure seems looks like it will be drawing every manufacture to come out with their best gadgets wether its a Phone, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop trying to loo customers to the relatively new ecosystem which is Windows Phone 8 and it can pull people who already use Windows on their desktops & Laptops because they will be upgrading the current OS to the new one and then some might want the Mobile version of it because it can connect all of their work or social network on one Operating System wether its a Desktop, Phone, Tablet or Laptop even though that might be similar to what’s happening at Apple because it will be similar to what the second biggest mobile company Apple is doing with all of its gadgets they run on iOS & Mac OS which is almost similar to when compared and it will be a win win situation for both customers & the companies involved… So far the companies that have launched their new Windows Phone 8 Operating System are Samsung with the Ativ S launched just days before Nokia launched the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 and HTC with The Windows Phone X8 and The Windows Phone S8. Then ZTE is just saying at the moment that it will also be launching a Windows Phone 8 Smartphone.

Blackberry 10

Research In Motion the manufacture of Blackberry is also rebooting its own Blackberry Operating System to something new but by the looks of it, it might be similar to Android besides the similarities RIM has been pushing the OS bigtime with a lot of Developers Conferences and stuff so it sure looks like early next year when it finally launches if they don’t push it back as they’ve done twice we will surely have a huge contender to that third spot that in contention because people surely like an ecosystem that has a lot of Applications and by people moving from the old Blackberry OS to the new that will be a major boost if those people in South Africa who have don’t keep buying the old phones and upgrade to new phones surely this will be a big thing.

Samsungs own OS or Android

Rumors are that Samsung is building its own mobile Operating System with major companies like Intel and many more and if that manifest and doesn’t turn into what’s happened to Samsungs first OS outside Android which was Badu it might pull away people from Android because if you have been following the tech news lately Samsung actually sold 20 Million Galaxy S III’s since it was released that’s a huge thing and if they bring the same hardware they brought out with that phone with their new Operating System I see big things happening in the coming years or if they continue with Android they should continue building their phones with the lawyers like they did with the GSIII where they be looking at not messing up with the patents that they lost a lawsuit for.

Apple and iOS

On the 13th of September Apple’s CEO Tim Cook took to the stage to launch the widely talked about iPhone 5 (The New iPhone) and some of its iPods (Excluding the iPod Classic) so that might also make a huge dent in the Mobile world just because of the way it has turned into a cult thingy for you to own an Apple Gadget according to me the Phone doesn’t have anything that will make me run to the stores when the Phone launches this side of the Hemisphere because most of the things people and me alike wanted were not included into it but its still cool.

Mozilla OS

Around February this year Mozilla the creators of Firefox announced that they will be launching a new Operating System named Mozilla OS that’s based on Linux the same OS that Android is based on late this years (Fourth Quarter) unfortunately ZTE a company that’s known for creating feature phones for the Network Companies in South Africa which has struck a deal with Mozilla about being the main Smartphone creator like Nokia is to Microsoft said on the 19th of September that they will only launch the smartphones that run Mozilla OS early next year (First Quarter). I see a huddle that coming RIM’s way because new Operating System BB10 because it’s also launching around the same timeframe so that’s another thing to look out for in the next year or so and it seems like Brazil will be the first country to get this phones in their stores.

Here’s what I’m coming at.

In the next couple of months they are going to be huge changes in the mobile scene as in we might not see Sammy as the big gun it is today because of that lawsuit thingy and maybe because of it, it might turn out to lose its huge fan base like HTC did in the past year or so but one side that’s going to win at always is the Customers as long as you choose an Operating System and manufacturer that’s looking after you and getting better as time goes on then you got yourself a winner just not go for that OS that’s always loosing.

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