A while back while I was going through the Google Play Store I stumbled upon a music application that’s able to recommend you new artist based on the current artist you have on your playlist some being a huge fan of The Weeknd at that moment I tried to get new artists who are in a way similar to him and do his kind of music and by doing so I finally got some music by JSMN and Julian but today I’m only going to talk about Julian whose also from Ontario, Toronto in Canada and a friend of The Weeknd as seen in one of the pictures below and a member a record label called XO that I know relatively nothing about.

After listening to two songs by Julian namely Joy & Potion I loved the guys songwriting and singing abilities so I made it my task to get more songs by Julian so I searched for him on Google and downloaded songs by artist who do weird music by the same name until I got to an article by EarMilk that talked about his recent mix-tape that he released around May this year named Black Heart, after I downloaded the mix-tape I listened to it & even tried recommending it to my friends who didn’t even try to listen to him because I think they don’t listen to music from relatively unknown artists so I just let it glide by and kept listening to this gifted guy

To be honest with you Julian just like his friend The Weeknd is a breath of fresh air, dude doesn’t use overuse auto-tune or make weird sounds like my current favorite artist but delivers on all of the songs I’ve heard him on. The title of his mix-tape is Black Heart, it has 10 songs and these songs talk mainly about what most kids my age do these days do which is party, smoke weed (Dry Blunt and Ascension), have sex (Intrinsic Worth, Pace It and Different This Time) with a huge twist that wants you to listen closely at times you surely wanna try all of this thing, then on certain songs specifically Joy dude talks about love and appreciating his better half this song is actually my favorite song on the Mixture because of the way he lays down the well-written vocals on the nicely produced beats and there are three other songs I didn’t mention that doesn’t mean they are not good songs so I urge you to try this guy out.

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