Early last year I got to watch a very good movie called I Am Number Four I got to like the movie as a whole that I actually fell in love the soundtrack so much that I had to get all of the songs I liked from the movie and after a while I loved one song even more that it got overplayed and that song is Shelter by The xx, this song has a very laid back beat, whispery vocals and a very differently played guitar to accompany all those other elements of the song.

After a couple of weeks or even a month or maybe more of overplaying the song I just had to find out more about the artists behind the song and maybe to get more songs by them so I went to one of my best friends Wikipedia and found out that the Indie group of now three resides from London, The United Kingdom and are signed to the Record Label that Adele is signed to if I’m not mistake XL Recordings so I kinda tried to get more songs by them and eventually got half of the album because I finished my Data Bundle while Downloading their Album but based on the songs I have from xx which is their debut album I love their slick music that’s not too loud or to low but just nicely made as the guys at Wikipedia say “The xx recorded their album in a small garage that was part of the XL Recordings studio, often at night, which contributed to the low, whispery nature of the album.”
One thing I’ve noticed going back to my huge television watching addiction is that most of their songs are used in major television series from the United States like 90210, Person Of Interest, Cold Case and One Tree Hill just to name a few and lately during the Olympics the was an advert on South African television by Amstel Lager that was playing a song by them I’m actually not sure if its VCR, Crystallized or even Islands but then that goes to show that they are a good band, your music just doesn’t get played all of the worlds if you are not good at what you do, to support all of that just after they released the debut album they won a couple of awards in Europe and they also won Europe’s coveted award that pushed the record sales to an extent that XL Recordings ended up doubling the initial stock the Barclay Card Mercury Price.
From the seven songs, I have at the moment my favorite songs are Shelter, VCR, Islands, and Crystallized which is also covered by my best cartoon band out there The Gorillaz. I actually aim on getting the remainder of the songs from xx and the new full album (Coexist which I have the three hot first singles[ Angels, Chained and Sunset]) that they released on the 10th of this month (September) and coming back to all of you to tell you how they all sound and you can also check it out yourself and tell me what you think.


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