When I was way younger than now me and my little sister had a small radio that we would actually leave television just to go chill in the bedroom and listen to, as we grew older we got to realize that while you are in Soweto the only radio stations that got to play the best urban songs of those years are either YFM, Metro FM, 5 FM & Highveld Stereo depending on your taste.

After a while my little sister left and went to live with my mom at Polokwane in Limpopo, I was left alone and to push time I would do as we normally did all by myself that’s when I realized that all of these radio stations have their own demographics like YFM catered for the Black Youth Of Gauteng (Hip Hop, House R&B & Kwaito), Highveld Stereo catered for the other side of the Gauteng which is the White Youth (Pop, Rock, Dance & R&B), 5FM is for the Whiteside of South Africa (Dance, Pop, Hip Hop, and R&B but in a different way when compared to Highveld) and then Metro FM is for the Older Black Side of South Africa (House, Kwaito, Afro Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, Soul and Neo Soul), me being young I actually went with the wind and I ended deciding to only listen to YFM since I am a member of the Black Gauteng Youth.
As time went by at home they got Dstv that’s in mid 2010 just days before the World Cup so while studying for my matric finals I tried listening to those DMX Radio Station they have there so since DStv Compact doesn’t have many options that side I had to listen to what my friends and I mainly called “White Music” from the Adult Contemporary Channel by the way this all happened when YFM stopped playing the music they normally played equally. Black Youth radio was and is still bloated with a lot of House Music and less other genres of music that’s why I stopped listening to it (House Music) as a whole which my friends say is very weird.
So while listening to the “White Music” on the Adult Contemporary Channel in 2010 I kinda fell in love with it and with that happening I chose to give the other radio stations a chance mainly Highveld Stereo because it plays the kind of music they play of music I like unlike 5 FM which plays the rougher side of White Music, so while I listening I loved the whole concept but as time went by the problem got to be that I get less new hip hop and they play people I really don’t follow (Flo-Rida) I think we all know why and the only way I can get music from people I liked was through Television (Mtv Base, Channel O, Trace Urban and at times Club 808) so my problem here with Radio in Gauteng or all of the National Stations (SABC) is that everything is very divided as in a way that certain parts are for certain people why can’t I just get my Hip Hop guys like Kendrick Lamar or Kanye West on the same Radio Station that I can get Pop/Rock groups like Plain White T’s & Train on why can’t that’s just happen instead of having to switch between stations for different kinds of music in fact some of these stations don’t even play some of my favorite artists example The xx (Indie Pop), SBRKT (Dub Step), James Blake (Dub Step), Bon Iva (Alternate Pop) and Lykke Li (Indie Pop).

Then they say Racism is only in our Minds whereas they divided us as Apartheid did back in its days with our Grandparents?

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