This is one article I’ve been thinking about for a while now so hopefully, everything turns out the way I think it should…

The last time I talked about Phone Manufactures and Operating Systems I was on about Samsung being a Copy Cat (Apple vs Samsung) and what that brought to the table for many other Companies so here are a follow up to that article.

This story has two sides to it, there is the Manufacture side and the Operating System side and please note that I won’t include iOS and Android for Operating Systems and I won’t include Samsung and Apple for Manufactures because those are your top two in their respective Categories. For manufacturers, we have your Nokia, LG, HTC, SONY, Huawei, ZTE and many other guys and for Operating Systems we have Windows Phone 8, Blackberry 10, Ubuntu, Sailfish, Tizen, Firefox OS etc.

Operating Systems

Windows 8 Phones

When Microsoft released a new version of its Windows for PC it reached out to Windows Phone 7 and then created a user interface that has all of those Metro looks that Windows Phone 7 had for both the Windows 8 and the Windows Phone 8 and then packed the mobile version with some nice features like the updated Start Screen, Kids Corner, Updates on the Lock Screen and they came with a tag line that tells you all about it “Putting People First” so expect a phone that makes you know what your friends are up to as they do those stuff this has backing from guys like Nokia, Huawei, HTC & Samsung (But Samsung might not be fully behind the project because they are not pushing it as much as they are pushing their other phones and don’t forget that they have Tizen).

Blackberry 10 OS

When Blackberry Limited (Formally Research In Motion) launched its new Operating System namely Blackberry 10 on the 30th of January they came to the table with something different in a way. The features that they have to include a unique platform-wide flow interface, a new intelligent keyboard, as well as a camera app which allows the user to adjust the photo or individual faces by moving through time scale to optimize picture quality. The user interface also includes the ability to run 8 “Active Frames”. Active Frames are applications that are currently running within the operating system, but minimized and showing a feed of live information on the home screen and much other stuff, I actually like this one.

New Kids on the Block

The last four Operating System is actually new kids on the blog that will get released later on this year if they don’t go all silent on us and I have to say I actually like what I have seen thus far when it comes to some of these guys so let me come out with it here.

Ubuntu For Phones

Ubuntu has been on the tech world for a while now they have a PC Operating System that has been making big moves under the radar and with that they are placed second on the PC Operating System behind Microsoft now Mark Shuttleworth the CEO of Canonical has unveiled a Mobile Operating System that bring to the table gesture navigation which Blackberry 10 has but then this guys do it differently and I have to say I like this one better, Since the Operation System is also based on Linux just like Android phones they guys at Canonical have an Android version which is out as we speak and they call it Ubuntu for Android and if you want you can run it on many Android phones out there just like the Google Nexus 4 and the Google Nexus 7 Tablet and more phones are on the way


Remember when Nokia announced that they are no longer going to wait for MeeGo to be fully baked and then be their main Smartphone Operating System if yes you will remember that the guys at Nokia let go of a lot of guys who dealt with the Operating System and then backed them up with a funding so here are some of those guys, these ones have built a very interesting Operating System that I like according to what I’ve read already but then if you have already used a Nokia N900 that runs on MeeGo you might know a bit about the OS because its one and the same thing but has matured to an extreme level, by the way, its also based on Linux the same OS that Android, iOS & Ubuntu are based on and the other day I read the CEO say they can virtually make a phone for anything like your Foursquare, Facebook you name it they can make any phone that’s can be centered around that Social Network.


Remember last time around I talked about Tizen I didn’t name it as I just said an Operating System that Samsung is building. Earlier on this year one of the big guys at Samsung Mobile said Samsung is going to release a High-End Smartphone running on Tizen in the 3rd Quarter this year, so this is another OS that’s running for third, this OS is being backed by Samsung, Intel & The Linux Foundation just to name a few in fact those are the guys who are spearheading the whole project they aim to make it be what Android was meant to be a true Open Source Platform was everyone who’s involved in it can have a say on what’s next on the OS and agree on the terms, Specs, and everything.

Firefox OS

Then we have Firefox OS which is built by the guys who create the Mozilla Firefox Web Browser this has created an Operating System that enables Applications that use HTML5 to communicate with the phone’s hardware directly in a way that your Android, iOS and Windows Phone Apps without being built natively. This guys already have backing from guys like LG, ZTE, and Sony to name a few and as we speak Sony released a Sony Xperia E that can boot the Software for Developers to be able to work on it and they are planning on releasing it in South America and some European countries like Spain.

I then bumped into this on the net on the 24th of April which then says they’ve already released the Software and it seems to be doing good for a new kid on the block.
“The “sell-out success ” of Geeksphone Firefox smartphones yesterday amounted to 1,000 devices, the manufacturers of the dev-friendly hardware have confirmed, with unexpectedly high demand bringing the store to its knees. Supplies of the Keon and Peak handsets, which start from $119 unlocked and run Mozilla’s fledgling Firefox OS platform, we extinguished within hours, Geeksphone CEO Javier Aguera told Forbes, with the company limiting supplies so as to avoid shipping bottlenecks.”

The Operating Systems Verdict

After everything I’ve read and wrote about the operating systems one thing that’s for sure is that Microsoft and its Windows Phone 8 OS are going for third for now that’s if these other boys have enough money to pump into their operating systems just like Microsoft did back when its Xbox 360 wasn’t doing that well in the market look now its going neck on neck with SONY’s PlayStation and Nokia has all of its eggs in this basket so they can’t afford to fail.



Nokia was once that kid on the block who everyone was eating from the palm of his hand till smartphones rose to supremacy and Nokia as I would like to say invested in the wrong operating system which is Symbian and then let go of something I thought would have gotten on to people over time which is MeeGo for Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system.
Now Nokia has released a couple of phones which run on the Windows Phone OS but then we going to concentrate on the latest ones which are the 5 Smartphones that run Windows Phone 8 those phones are actually created for the high end guys with Lumia 920 and low end guys with the Lumia 520 and many other kinds of people in between with Lumia 820, 720 and 620 the nice thing about all of these phones is the colors that come with them most noticeably is the 620 that comes with Dual Shot that makes it possible for you to create many other colors that you don’t get on the other four Smartphones, the OS and the fact that its a phone made by Nokia so expect a good battery, long lasting phone, and a good looking phone.


I was going through the Cell C’s brochure earlier on today and got to say I’m impressed by all of the Android Smartphones that LG has out as we speak and if they keep on putting them out as they are and make sure that the people out there get to see them on ads on all types of Media’s… In South Africa, as we speak LG has the Optimus series amped up to a whole new level with the Optimus L9 as the High-End device and L7, L5 & L3 as the other Optimus Series representatives.


HTC this year is trying, by all means, to be it kids like back when Android was still new has everyone had it because of their designs and hardware. So for them to be that kid they released the HTC One which I have to say with proper marketing it might be just that phone that’s going to get them back up where they were once upon a time and on the other side for those who are not that much into Android any more just like me you can get a different kind of cake which comes in the form of Windows Phone 8… Here this guys brought us the HTC Windows Phone 8X & 8S phones which when you look at them might look like the Lumia Phones due to the colors but pack a different form of life when compared to the Lumia Phones the only downfall here is that HTC is not marketing the phones as much as Nokia is marketing the Lumia line up.


After SONY bought Ericsson out of the Mobile division they’ve been trying, by all means, to get back up to the days were everyone I knew owned a Sony Ericsson and with the Xperia line up they seem to be doing just that because every time I get on a taxi there is someone using an Xperia phone they might not be as much as the guys using Galaxy Phones or old Blackberry’s but it goes to show that they are going in the right direction and I hope someone at SONY reads this “GET IN THE WINDOWS PHONE RACE!!!” Got to say I’m loving the SONY Xperia Z and the Sony Xperia Z Tablet I just hope someone out there notices what they are doing and buys their phone and tablet. They are also working on the Firefox OS, they say they will release their first phone running on the Operating System next year 2014 but the Xperia E does the job right for now if you are a developer.


Huawei damn I still can’t pronounce that word but got to say these guys are fighting the right way because as far as things are last time I someone can up with the Statistics they were rated as the number 3 on the manufactures list. I saw their P1 the other day at some store and played with and got to say that’s one of those phones I would but if I had the money it comes at the right price, their software is nice and all so they should just keep on doing what they are doing.

Haven’t seen their latest offering this side but last time I read about these guys they were on about a Grand Phone that runs on Android which comes with a home built Quad-Core Processor I just hope it doesn’t tamper with the phone in terms of usability but got. I also saw a couple of Phones that these guys have that run on Windows Phone 7.5 it might not be the latest but they did a good job making sure that everything they had in the phones work in sync, they are also on the list of guys working with the Firefox OS just hope we get to see the phone this side so that I can decide on it.

Alcatel OneTouch

I almost forgot these guys… These guys have both Android Phones and Windows Phone 7.5 phones they look good on paper in terms of design and Specs, I’ve never played with them at all but then I read the other day that one of the guys who worked hard to put Samsung were it is right now, Actually moved to this company and is working at doing the same with this company hope that goes out well for him.

The Hardware Verdict

Here when it comes to hardware it seems very tight to say but the stats say that Huawei is third but I don’t think that will be long because everyone and their cousin is about the Lumia Series, every single channel you turn to you see Nokia, Every Mall you go to you see Nokia and the other day one of the top guys at Microsoft said that Nokia is actually outselling the iPhone in certain markets and guess what South Africa is up there with those guys which go to show that Nokia is not market its phones for anything some people out there are actually buying the… Lol, I’m also planning on buying one I’m tired of this Samsung Galaxy Y Pro that’s still running on 2011 Software (Gingerbread).

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