I am seen as a huge International Hip-Hop fan by most of my friends and with good reason I am one but then recently I’ve been listening to a lot of South African Hip-Hop mainly due to the great music our Hip-Hop artists are releasing lately, these guys are putting the South African music back on my Playlist. I say that because ever since Kabomo left Hype Magazine and then DJ Monde Mabaso (YFM’s music compiler) passed away the music compiler job at YFM was given to someone who didn’t have a good ear. Ever since that happened those two music brands started being different and I stopped buying the magazine and listening to radio as a whole due to certain things which I explained in one of my older blogs (South African Radio) and that means me having to wait till a song had a music video and was on TV. Back to the topic at hand which is South African Hip-Hop, the question that my friend Andile would ask if I were talking to him about all of this would be whose bringing you back to South African Hip-hop and my answer would be quiet obvious if you are a part of the youth in South Africa and in no particular order it has to be…

1. Cassper Nyovest who killed the MAMA’s so much that he got a twitter to follow and a mention from Wiz Khalifa and has been bringing flames with all of the songs he has released so far including his newly released song Phumakim’ for his new album Tsholofelo that will be released month end of July.

2. Reason whom for me is the best English Rapper in South Africa sorry AKA. Can you believe that dude had actually left music and Tumi asked him to come back and do music and got to say that I am superbly happy that, that happened


3. AKA in a way I regard him as our very own Kanye West if you think I’m lying try following him on twitter but then we all know that dude is dope you can’t take that away from him despite the tantrums and everything he does when not doing what he is great at which is music.


4. Okmalumkoolkat The first time I heard this dude on a song was on that LV song called Sebenza and even though it’s not your ordinary Hip-Hop song got to say it got me hooked. Ever since then dude has been blessing us with hits on each and every feature he got on and out of the blue came out his crew Boy’s n Bucks which for me feels like they are our very own A$ap Mob reason being that they do good music and just like the Mob they are all about Fashion, think about it Okmalumkoolkat is A$AP Rocky and Ricky Rick is A$ap Ferg or the other way round if you may like since Ricky blew before Okmalumkoolkat.


5. Ricky Rick first time I heard dude was on a Hype Magazine Mixtape I can’t wrap my mind around the name of the song but then it was a dope song so dope that he got on songs with Da LES when he began a solo career then there was that break he took after their dude came back with a bang with songs like Amantombazane and the remix which are great song.


6. K.O. his at number 6 but that does not mean he is not as good as the 5 guys before him, some even say he is better than everyone I mentioned above due to the hits he is on when under the Teargas group and then he also does wonders when he is on his own or on features like on that Run Jozi (Godly) by AKA.


This article does not have much info about these guys like their discography and many other things but then its a standing ovation for all of the guys who are doing great music in South Africa and putting an end to the monopoly of House music being played everywhere you go for instance you no longer have guys driving their cars with loud music playing a house song, you hear them play Amantombazane, Doc Shebeleza, Run Jozi (Godly), No Sleep, Gusheshe and many other songs and artists that I listen and did not include on this list.


Big Ups South Africa!!!

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The name is Takalani Modau but for some reasons I go by Thabang, I'm from Soweto. I'm a huge music fan, it doesn't matter what you bring to me as it's great I will bump to it. I live with my wife, son and my younger sister. I have a full time job as a uhm lets say Data Capturer. I spent most of my day with headsets on if I am not listening to something on Spotify then I am watching something on YouTube or Netflix. I have been blogging on and off since 2012, it started as a means of me sharing my views on certain things to people in general and so forth. . I hope you enjoy reading my blog. if you want to get in touch please hit me up on twitter.

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