Yugen Blakrok’s verse on Opps with Vince Staples has been rated as the best verse on the Black Panther Soundtrack by Billboard so that got me thinking who is Yugen Blakrok and where is she from. I was greeted by something I wasn’t expecting.
Yugen Blakrok is a rapper based in Johannesburg, South Africa, she released an album in 2013 named The Return of Astro – Goth and she has toured Europe a couple of times meaning this lady has been grinding hard.
So the fact that a lot of people I usually have conversations with about music as a whole did not know her at all meant we really need to start cherishing our artists more. I then thought let me compile a list of South African artists who are doing it big elsewhere but are not known here at home.
So let’s go!!!
First time I heard dude was on Hotel Cabana (Deluxe) by Naughty Boy on a track called Never Been The Same. For me that says dude it good because if you’ve listened to the album you will know it has people like Sam Smith, Wiz Khalifa, Emeli Sande & Wretch 32. Those guys and Naughty boy on his own are big acts as we speak. Thabo released two EP’s last year one is named PRELUDES and then one I’ve got to fully listen to is RUFFLED FEATHERS so I suggest you dig in and try dudes music because it’s good and his music goes along the lines of guys like Aloe Blacc if you are a fan.
Spoek Mathambo
Back in 2010 Nike brought this guy to the Nike Center in Soweto to perform and I’ve got to say I was shocked by how people went crazy for this guy I didn’t even know. From there on I tried by all means to get his music and I’ve got to say the way people went mad was warranted because the dude is great. He has three albums Mshini Wam, Father Creeper and the latest being Mzansi Beat Code. Amongst the three I’ve got to say I love Mshini Wam and sorry I never got to give Mzansi Beat Code a chance I don’t know why but then I can assure you that this guy is one of the best rappers and producers South Africa has produced and please do give him a try, you won’t regret that decision.
The Brother Moves On
If you have listened to Okmalumekoolkat’s album Mlazi Milano then these guys should be familiar to you, because they were featured on a track called Ubhuti Ontsundu which is the last track and probably one of the very good tracks on that project, these guys where also featured on Late Night News with Loyiso Gola (before Loyiso went down under) as one of the acts that performed with Deep Fried Man. I think that’s the first time I got to see them and I actually liked the sound because it brought back memories of my uncle playing his guitar when I was growing up. These guys only have one album which is called A New Myth and on the tracklist is a track called Hossana which for me falls on my favourite tracks of all time list.
Big FKN Gun
Then there is BFG which I believe is a trio that is made up of Bra Sol, Soulfaktor and KeithKunene. If I am not mistaken they are or were signed to the same record label as Spoek Mathambo and Bra Sol whom I think is the main guy since he raps on most of the tracks is one of the greats in South Africa when it comes to the punch lines and was featured on a track named Tongue Foo Action with USanele and Sho Madjozi on Mlazi Milano by Okmalumekoolkat.
In closing while I was busy compiling this list some people said I should include guys like Sho Madjozi, Moonchild, Nakane Toure and some other guys.
Guys, I’m sorry I couldn’t include them on this list but what I can do is let’s talk on Twitter tell me who you think deserves to be on the list and who you think I should drop and as time goes by I will update it.
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