Did you know that in 2017 Nokia sold more smartphones than HTC, Sony, Asus, OnePlus, Lenovo (which also owns Motorola), Alcatel and Google (Read as Pixel) just to name a few brands?
Yes you read that statement correctly Nokia actually outsold all of those mentioned brands and some more in fact it is said they sold more than 4.4 Million smartphones which accounts to round about 1% of the global smartphone market and that now puts the brand just outside the top ten when it comes to smartphone sales from last year.
Those numbers are a huge feat when it comes to the fact that a few years back no one wanted anything to do with the Nokia Lumia (Aka Microsoft Lumia) smartphones that ran on Windows Mobile 10 and last I checked I think early last year it was said that the software actually counted at less than 1% or less of smartphones sales, please note this I read before HMD Global launched Nokia smartphones.
By the way for those who don’t know, Nokia phones are currently being made through a deal between Nokia and HMD Global which finds HMD Global designing the smartphones and then having Foxconn (The company that manufactures iPhones and many other smartphones) and then put that Nokia Logo due to the 10 years rights if I’m not mistaken, this is similar to what Blackberry has with TCL Communications (the company that is known for manufacturing Alcatel smartphone phones) with TLC Communications designing and manufacturing, as they (Blackberry) concentrate on the software side of business ala BBM, Blackberry Secure etc.
So getting back to the Phoenix in the room which is Nokia, This past weekend they or let’s say HMD Global launched five Nokia phones which are;
•Nokia 8810 (KaiOS)
•Nokia 1 (Android Go)
•Nokia 6 (Android One)
•Nokia 7+ (Android One)
•Nokia 8 Sirocco (Android One)

By the way KaiOS is a software that’s based on FirefoxOS which I spoke about way back when I wrote about Operating Systems with Going For 3rd, Android Go and Android One are projects which were launched by Google in 2014 if I am not mistaken so Android Go is Android that’s custom made for cheap phones (for a lack of better words) and Android One is their way of trying to get read of bloatware and make it easier for the phone’s software to get updated regularly with security patches and so on.

Nokia 8810 is said to be made with the same idea that brought back the old 3310 they launched last year and relaunched with 4G late last year, Nokia 1 seems to be going for the R1500 smartphone market if I am not mistaken (by the way it’s said to feel like a phone that’s not of that market) Nokia 6 is meant to be the second edition of last year’s version which means it has updated everything from your Software to Specs, Nokia 7+ is that phone that plays with the big boys at the premium phones table but at a low price compared to the other boys and lastly Nokia 8 Sirocco (Please note it’s not Scirocco the WV car) comes with most of the stuff you will get with 7+ but with a better processor, a better RAM, better internal storage, is waterproof and comes with the price of all those added stuff.

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