Welcome to March 2018, for some reason I’m one of those people who takes March at the beginning of the year, here are my reasons in December we mess up our finances bigtime, on January we patch a certain part of them, in February we fully sort them out and then in March we start living life as normal but enough about that welcome to the List of Artists to Look out for this year.

Please note this is in no particular order, so here we go;


Yes Ebenezer and nope I’m not talking about that stone that was raised by Samuel to commemorate the victory over the Philistines if I’m not mistaken you can find that story I’m at Bible ( 1 Sam. 7:12). This dude is from London and let’s just say his a British version of Tory Lanez by the way those who are busy asking why is this guy talking about Gospel music and asking yourselves how does Tory Lanez music and Gospel music go hand in hand no it’s not gospel it’s actually R&B or let me put it as R&B Trap. Last year dude released round about 4 singles and earlier last month (February 2018) just in time for Valentine’s he released a project named Bad Romantic with 9 tracks of which 3 are interludes so let’s say 6 solid tracks. Dude has worked with guys like Craig David, Jeremih, Ty Dolla $ign and Rejjie Snow whom we will talk about in the coming weeks if I’m not mistaken so by just looking at that list Ebenezer has worked is big acts whom I think see his potential. For those whom are a fan Tory Lanez and his type of music of being able to blend rapping and singing I suggest you try out guy’s music I can assure you that won’t regret making that decision. Start with Bad Romantic and you should specifically listen to tracks like Battery 100%, Stats and Catch Feelings.

Ravyn Lenae

This lady is from Chicago, she is signed with Atlantic Records and Three Twenty Three Music Group, so far by checking out her stuff I haven’t seen any songs with major artist however she has already released three projects which are Moon Shoes (2015 and Reissue in 2016), Midnight Moonlight (2017) and recently on the 11th of February she released Crush. Before you rush into listening to the latest EP I suggest you start by listening to two tracks in particular that’s Last Breath and Thirst they are on the Midnight Moonlight EP I bet by just listening to those two tracks you will just love her as I do.

Dave B

This guy is from Washington. If you’ve listened to Macklemore’s album GEMINI from last year then I bet you’ve heard a song called Corner Store were he features this guy Dave B and someone called Travis Thompson. Over the years he has released four projects that’s Oh Father (2015), Punch Drunk (2015) Tomorrow (2016) and Pearl (2017). Unfortunately with Dave B I can’t single out few tracks like I did with Ravyn Lenae and Ebenezer but what I can say is please listen to Pearl as a whole you will enjoy that EP and hopefully fall in love with this guys music.

Xavier Omar

I actually think if I was ranking these artists then this guy would be my number one, I’m in love with his beat selection, I’m in love with his vocals, let’s just say I’m in love with this guys music as a whole before I bombard you with the amount of stuff I love about this guy by the way for those who are interested his from the same place as Usher and please don’t take that as if he does the same music as Usher. His actually featured on Mick Jenkins album The Healing Component on a track called Angels with Noname and thus far he has released three projects alone and has a collaboration with Sango on a fourth project. They are The Everlasting Wave (2016), Pink Lighting – EP (2017), Afraid (2017) and Hours Spent Loving You (With Sango)(2015). I suggest you jump on the bandwagon before everyone does and can please listen to afraid before you do anything I believe you will love this guys as much as I do if not more than me, please also listen to Blind Man and his latest track with Sango called Sweet Holy Moly. I doubt you won’t love this guys music.


Last but not least we have NexXthursday I don’t know much about this guy but what I can tell you is that dude is good in fact his very good, his from Brooklyn he is a singer, rapper, producer, mixer you name it. He has a project Called Natasha which he released last year around October if I am not mistaken and it was released through Warner Bros Music. It has 5 song of which Sway was the single and he featured Quavo and Lil Yatchy, my favourite song is MrsIssues I suggest you listen to it and you will surely know which I love it and there is also Money L$ve which I think you will also love it has a reggae feel to it which is very nice.

That’s my mini list of R&B acts if you still haven’t noticed that this is a R&B list, I hope you do listen to these people and come back to me and I am planning on bringing you part 2 of where I will include people like R.Lum.R, Elhae, Masego, Angel, Kali Uchis, Ari Lenox, Mahalia and more so let’s talk on Twitter tell me what you think.

Thought I should leave with Sweet Holy Honey by Sango & Xavier Omar.


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