Spotify has arrived in South Africa, lol I don’t know how many times I’ve rehearsed writting that statement, been contemplating saying that for the last 4 years or so.
Over the last couple of months I’ve used Simfy Africa, Joox, Apple Music & I’m currently using Google Play Music as my main music streaming application and I’ve got to say I’ve been anticipating the arrival of the biggest streaming service in the world with over 159 Million active users as per statista.
I hear you ask why stream music if you can get it for free on Fakaza? My answer for that is personally I prefer streaming music because at the end of the day the artists I play using these applications get paid somehow unlike if you get it on Fakaza where I can label it as brazen theft.
I’ve got 22.4GB worth of music downloaded on my Google Play Music account at the moment as music I can listen to offline when I want to, I don’t have to go on multiple websites trying to figure out what’s hot and what’s not I am my own taste maker as I get new music through the new release feature they have and then go and then delete what I don’t like and keep what I like and I am able to go dig for those old classic songs from back then and lastly I also get to keep those songs but only if I pay my monthly R89 fee (Family).
So back to Spotify, as I said I’ve used those other applications and I’ve been waiting for this specific app to come this side, my reasons are simple I think it’s mainly a matter of it being big elsewhere, I wanna know why it’s that big, I wanna feel it, yeah I love my Google Play Music but I think Google lacks when it comes to music unlike Spotify and Apple Music and I’m not with Apple Music because I find it difficult to use on my Android powered device unlike when I used it on a friend’s Apple device and I’m also having issues with thier curated playlists as they can’t differentiate between AKA, Busiswa and Shekinah.
So I’ve just downloaded the Spotify App, I’ve registered for Premium and over the next couple of weeks y’all should expect a review from me and on that day I will then also tell the family members I’m with on Google Play if we are migrating to Spotify or not.
If you are going to download the App please comment below or let’s talk on Twitter about Spotify as I wanna hear what you think about it or what app you are currently using.

About the Author Thabang Modau

The name is Takalani Modau but for some reasons I go by Thabang, I'm from Soweto. I'm a huge music fan, it doesn't matter what you bring to me as it's great I will bump to it. I live with my wife, son and my younger sister. I have a full time job as a uhm lets say Data Capturer. I spent most of my day with headsets on if I am not listening to something on Spotify then I am watching something on YouTube or Netflix. I have been blogging on and off since 2012, it started as a means of me sharing my views on certain things to people in general and so forth. . I hope you enjoy reading my blog. if you want to get in touch please hit me up on twitter.
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