First and foremost I’m not writing this because the South African President is Venda, this is actually one article I’ve been contemplating since my first stint of writting on this blog.

Initially (4 years ago) I had a huge list of Venda Rappers you probably don’t know that I thought you should also listen to somehow but this time around I’ve chose to only write about one guys in particular whom my best friend Lufuno says is the King of Venda Rap.

His name is Mizo Phyll or MizoPhyll, his real name is Livhuwani Takalani Aubrey Ratshiungo and he grew up at a place called Shayandima which is in Venda Limpopo. His name MizoPhyll is said to be derived from the word mesophyll which is the inner tissue of leaf.

When I was talking to Lufuno he said he first heard Mizo on a song called Venda’s Anthem and on my side I only cought on when Lufuno played Vimba for me, it’s a pitty these songs are not on any of the only stores of maybe streaming services but if ever you are able to get hold of them please listen to these tracks.

I think in the last quarter of last year he released an album called The MizoPhyll Album which has 17 tracks and amongst those songs me and Lufuno have decided that To Funana, Used To Do, Yeah Yeah, Palesa, Zwavhavhili, Vhuhadzi, Farelela and Reggae are the tracks to listen to. His music is your typical Venda music in terms of the lyrical content, it talks about Love, Respect, Happiness and the land and his beats your typical boom bap hip hop beat to your reggae beat, and some songs sound as if they were sampled from some old venda songs.

Dude has won a couple of Awards in Limpopo namely the FAME Awards (Best Hip-Hop & R&B) and the TSHIMA Award (Hip-Hop). In 2014 he was featured on Bostwana native Zues’s track called Fever and then somewhere around 2016 there were rumours that he might be signed to Mabala Noise due to some pictures which he posted on Instagram while at the Mabala Noise HQ and around the same time there was a photo of him with Du Boiz, I just heard that he has a track track which he features Casper Nyovest called Bakhuluma Ngam and unfortunately I can’t get hold of it on Spotify or Google Play Music so I can’t judge it as yet.

Lastly when you search for him on streaming services I suggest you also try out Zwo Naka Hani which I rate as one of his best songs from 2015.

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Sorry for the pixelated photo that’s Lufuno (Right) with MizoPhyll (Left) in 2011/12.

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