As of today it’s been exactly a week since I started using Spotify as my primary music streaming application and here’s my take on it.

First things first I use a Samsung Galaxy J5 which runs on Android so by that alone I’m going to only compare my experience with Spotify vs my experience with my other streaming services aka Google Play Music.
Spotify has good features in fact let me put it straight it has great features but there is one thing which made me want to go back to Google Play Music. The ability to download my music for offline listening doesn’t work as advertised on the box when on a cellular network.
Let me quickly explain how I normally use my musuc streaming services, I use Telkom Mobile and with it I buy the midnight data, yeah that one where you buy 500GB for R50 and you are able to use it from Midnight to 07h00. So on Google Play I during the day I listen to music and artists radio stations that I downloaded and while listening to the radios I queue albums that I think I might like for download the following night and so forth.

So when I tried to apply the same method to Spotify I wasn’t welcomed with the same results in fact the only way I ended downloading music onto my phone for offline listening was by actually listening to everything that comes my way unlike with my Google Play Music way of doing things where I download everything and only listen to what I like.
Flaw number two is that some of the songs I have on Google Play Music I am unable to get on Spotify and that’s no only when speaking about local stuff, the prime example being the Lemon (Drake Remix) by N.E.R D which is available on Google Play Music and with Spotify I get some error message even when I use a link the guys from their official Twitter account shared but that can be forgiven since Google Play on its own doesn’t have certain songs when compared to Apple Music so I will let that slide, (I wrote this in the morning today but as we speak at 18:30 the Song is now available)
When using Spotify I actually enjoyed some of the playlists curated by the guys from Spotify as they flowed nicely from track to track with ease unlike with some of the Google curated playlists on  Google Play Music and the fcat that most of them where recently updated is a bonus because at Google Play Music thier South African Hip Hop playlist has old tracks from 2016 where as on Spotify the two playlists have current and future hits and you are also able to see when last that playlist was updated which is a bonus because I don’t line subscribing or following things that don’t get updated regularly.
When I was listening to a podcast by TechCentral I heard them talk about two special playlists I can’t wait to hear which are Discover Weekly (which looks at what you listen to and recommends something along those lines for you) and New Music Friday (which suggests to you recently released music that’s along the lines of what you currently listen to) so I can’t wait for those two which are said to come my way soon. 
I also enjoyed connecting it with the PlayStation 4, check this scenario out I was playing Uncharted 4, had just finished that Chapter where they are in Scotland and they just found out that they have to go to Kings Bay as in that’s where the treasurer might be at and in the backround Spotify was playing Congratulations by AKA and I was ohh that’s epic and I also checked some long playlist where they had Tech 9ine as a curator or something like that and I enjoyed playing my games even more because if you’ve played games at times the soundtrack can get boring so it’s kind of nice when you play with something different in the backround.
So when looking at all of these stuff I actually think that the pro’s outweigh the cons I’ve had with the app and I think it has actually become my primary music player.

About the Author Thabang Modau

The name is Takalani Modau but for some reasons I go by Thabang, I'm from Soweto. I'm a huge music fan, it doesn't matter what you bring to me as it's great I will bump to it. I live with my wife, son and my younger sister. I have a full time job as a uhm lets say Data Capturer. I spent most of my day with headsets on if I am not listening to something on Spotify then I am watching something on YouTube or Netflix. I have been blogging on and off since 2012, it started as a means of me sharing my views on certain things to people in general and so forth. . I hope you enjoy reading my blog. if you want to get in touch please hit me up on twitter.
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