This was supposed to be part of MizoPhyll – Venda Rap King but then I felt these guys deserves to be on on their own because of how great they are.
Una Rams is Unarine Rambani (I bet you see where the moniker comes from) his from Venda at a placed called Makwarela grew up in a church based family with him learning how to play the piano and drums there, both parents worked thier way up at the Department of Education and are still there, I hope this make bae see that there is hope where is is at.
First time I heard his music was on our way back from work, it was one of those rare days where we were listening to radio and they played the Chocolate Dreams by Muzi (South African producer whom last time I check is based in Germany).
So back to Una Rams, this talented guy has released one EP named Pink Moon and after that he released a couple of singles from Girls Like You to Monies and of late he has been featured on tracks like Yaya by 80 Script and Blind Date by Just Robyn and I was also able to get a track called Love + Setbacks where he is featured by someone called T.O.M. and his latest song to be featured on is Wadjet by Espacio Dios which was released this year I personally say that’s a hit. Lastly I read somewhere that he received a co-sign from one of our biggest exports Black Coffee.
If you haven’t already heard songs by Una Rams I suggest you listen to all of those songs I mentioned above plus Testify, Souht and Nobody and then after listening to those songs I think you will fall in love with his music because dude is one of those guys whom I think will blow up in the near future.
By the way for those who think education isn’t key last I checked dude was doing Computer Science at University of Pretoria. I hope you all see you can still do what you love and also be at school that’s if what you are studying is not what you love. (by the way I’m not he doesn’t love Computer Science, I am just adding my two cents.)
One last after thought all links lead to Spotify for some reason it’s easier to link stuff than with Google Play Music.

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