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Over the weekend one of my favourite artists of all time (by the way that includes acting side of things) Childish Gambino released a single named This is America where you find him going back to the basics and rapping and he also gets to sprinkle it up with the singing side of things which I’ve got to say he does effortlessly.  
This is America is a song that’s laced on a trap inspired beat which has ad-libs from a variety of artists including 21 Savage, Big Sean, Offset, Young Thug amongst others and there is a choir somewhere in the mix.
The song came with a music video that’s produced by Hiro Murai that guy that also works on Atlanta with Gambino on the music video you see him going around a warehouse of some sort dancing a variety of dance moves which includes the South African Gwarara dance move (which Rihanna did at the Grammy’s earlier this year), shooting people including that choir I mentioned above and SZA makes a cameo somewhere in the video I hope you check it out and tell me where you saw her.
Over the same weekend he was part of the Saturday Night Live show where he did a Migos skit and performed the song live and I’ve got to say dude didn’t disappoint as usual and he got to also perform another song named Saturday which I still haven’t listened to so I can’t comment on it much but I’ve heard people say it’s a danceable song and he gets to showcase his singing vocals unlike with This is America where he is more on the side of rapping than on the singing side of things.
Please check out the song and tell me what you think about it because on my side I can’t wait to hear the album which is said to be released sometime this year and might also be the last time he releases an album with the Childish Gambino name.

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