Over the last couple of months Okmalumkoolkat has been featured in some of what I find to be his best hip hop work in the last few years or so from Reset by AKA to Amadimoni by Junior Day Rocka the resent Combos Communicating by DJ Speedsta.
I hear you ask why am I saying such a statement so yeah let’s go.

Check this out before these songs were released the last stuff he had released was his album Mlazi Milano (Released 2016) and  Holy Oxygen II EP (Released 2017) and if you listen to the songs on those projects it’s mostly Electro or Gqom stuff which I don’t think is his best work when we exclude Ntwana Yam,  Mathananazane Wam, Amalobolo and Ibhuti Ontsundu just to make a couple which are for me what he should do more often.


The main reason why I’m saying that is because if you go back to the features that made me write about him on South African Hip Hop back in 2014 you get to see that damn this guy has one of the best rhyme schemes in the game but then he hardly got to use it on his own or should I maybe say the let down was his beat selection with him trying to push the Gqom scene which at that point was only cominc up and wasn’t as big as it is right now but then that’s just what I think

I just wish and hope that one day we do get a full on pure Hip Hop album from Okmalumkoolkat as for me this whole Gqom slash electro thing does not give us his best work as it just gives us the surface of what this guy is capable of doing if you don’t believe me compare those other Gqom songs on Mlazi Milano to Combos Communicating or maybe go back to stuff like Bump The Cheese Up (Remix) and I bet after listening to those songs you will be saying yeah Thabang is correct.


Please don’t get me wrong Gqi is a great song and is one of the songs that brought Gqom to the fore and made it what it is today so on that front you can say he kinda pioneered the whole thing with guy’s like DJ Lag, Babes Wodumo and them so yeah that’s my take on Okmalumkoolkat and his flip flopping between being great in my view and whatever he does on the side .

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