Lorine Chia
If you’ve listened to M.I. Abaga’s latest album A Study on Self Worth: Yxng Sxlf then you’ve heard a song called You Are Like Melody, My Heart Skips A Beat where he features a lady born in Cameroon raised in the USA named Lorine Chia even if they wrote her as Lorraine Chia on that song.
I caught wind of this singer’s music via one of my Discover Weekly Mixes from Spotify, they recommended a song called Burn One from her 2016 EP Onomatopoeic and I’ve got to say I love the song so much that even today when I check my most played songs it’s and its been in the top 5.
Top 5 songs I played
On the 12th of September, she released her latest project named Sweet Bomb and I’ve got to say I agree with this title it’s a very sweet bomb.
Sweet Bombs by Lorine Chia
Sweet Bombs like her When Morning Comes EP from last year with Romero Mosley has 6 tracks and like Onomatopoeic is what I will say is a very good Project. I actually feel bad that I didn’t include her on the RnB Artists to Look Out for this year list I compiled earlier this year but it’s fine.
Sweet Bombs – Tracklist
With the songs listed on the photo above I’ve got to say the only song I don’t really like that much is Drugs which she produced with Sam Hoffman but besides that the rest of the tracks I am going to bump non-stop in the next couple of weeks as I’m in love with this project as whole For those asking which songs to try first then please listen to Destiny’s Child, Purple and Without You. Those three songs range from an inspirational song, a party song, and lastly a love song.
If you’ve ever listened to April + Vista, Asa, Nneka or maybe even Erykah Badu then I suggest you give this lady a try as she brings what they brought to the table with her own feel added on top.

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