A couple of months one of my favourite R&B singers out of UK released an EP and I have to say I don’t know why I didn’t write about this project earlier.
This guys name is Cole Basta but he goes by Col3trane as his stage name. His born of American and Egyptian parents. I’ve got to say his one of the artists whom I think are putting London’s music R&B music scene on the map the with the other ones being Ebenezer whom I mentioned in R&B to look out for in 2018 and Little Simz whom I mentioned in Females Rappers Flying Under The Radar.
Now on to the EP, it was released in August
on the 17th. The project is named BOOT, it has 7 tracks of which I think the best track is track 2 called Britney, yeah to those of you who already know Col3trane I don’t know what’s up with him and naming songs after girls. Britney goes along the lines of what he did Penelope from his first project Tsarina. I find Penelope to be his greatest hit this far and for some reason, I am not alone. Penelope is currently at 7,462,627 listens on Spotify at the time of writing and it’s ranked as his most played song.
Above is the album cover which goes nicely with the name of the EP and below you will find the handwritten tracklist which he shared on the day the EP was released via Instagram. For some reason, I find the tracklist a nice personal touch to the whole thing.
I will leave you with his performance of Penelope on Color. Don’t forget to hit me up on twitter.

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