Today I am going to tell you a certain duo that I love big time, they call themselves THEY. yep, you read that right they call themselves THEY. the duo comprises of Dante Jones from Washington and Drew Love Colorado and they are now based in Los Angeles
These guys if you don’t know them, have as individuals written songs for a lot of well-known artist from Chris Brown, Jeremih, Will.I.Am and Kelly Clarkson with Dante winning a Grammy Award for Mr. Know It All by Kelly Clarkson.
It is said that when they got to Los Angeles they were both doing that own stuff until a incident that brought them to work together. they started working together however they only started pushing this whole duo thing when Working For It by ZHU and Skrillex which appeared on Generationwhy by ZHU went viral and built a huge online following for them as a duo. In 2015 they released an EP called Nü Religion which I won’t talk much about on this article because I haven’t listened to it. Then after two years they released their debut album Nü Religion: HYENA somewhere in February of 2017. Last year they started dropping singles every now and then from Pops (disclaimer this song always reminds me of my dad ) to Ain’t the Same with the whole thing ending with them releasing an EP called Fireside with a feature on every track.
The Nü Religion: HYENA album plays for around 45 minutes or less with 14 tracks. Me being me I am not good with long projects so I’m going to pick and choose so that you can listen to what I think you might like in no particular order.
I suggest that you listen to the list above but I hope it doesn’t deter you from listening to the whole project since I think that people will never have the same test in music.
Fireside for me is just like Flight Mode Vol. 4 by IAMDDB from an older article (IAMDDB – #MermaidSeason) in terms of it being a hit after hit type of vibe. The EP has 6 tracks which I will list below in the order they are track listed in.
I suggest you come back to share what you liked on both projects or maybe you can also include the Nü: Religion EP if you can get hold of it so that I can get check it out.
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