Today I would like to introduce you to a Hip-Hop artist who goes by the name nu_edison, his real name is Litha Jamal Mdwaba, his a South African unsigned artist and I’ve got to say his one of the best kept secrets out there.

Amy Jaxx
First time I heard him was through a song called Amy Jaxx on one of their weekly playlists I do not know if it was on Release Radar or Discover Weekly but I know it was one of those, Amy Jaxx is actually a song about Amy Amahle-Imvelo Jaxa who is the person Until Until Events. The first time I heard this song it took me back to the first time I heard Juice Back by Nasty C it was killer and it had what nu_edison doesn’t have behind him at the moment which is big money.

Usually, when I get an artist I like I try to get their older stuff just to see if this are consistent and I have to say nu_edison did not disappoint me in any way instead what you hear is that his growing gradually so. On Spotify, he has one EP named EDDY which has three songs and after that, he has Amy Jaxx and FLYT which is his latest release from January 2019.

On SoundCloud, I found around 54 songs, that is the ones I mentioned above and older stuff. My favorite of the stuff which is not on Spotify is the EP which he released in 2016 called IMPULSE at 8 tracks. If you compare it to some of your favorite South African Hip-Hop artists I see it coming out at the top as it feels like a complete rap project unlike some of the stuff from the artists we hear on the radio whereas the ones on Spotify I suggest you listen to everything no choosing.
IMPULSE (released 2016 via SoundCloud)
EDDY (released 2018 via Spotify and SoundCloud)
Then after those two EP’s he then released the singles Amy Jaxx (16 November 2018) and FLYT (12 January 2019).
If you want to get hold of him I suggest you check him via Twitter his @nu_edison and on Instagram, he also goes by @nu_edison. If you have any comments please drop them on the comment sections or via Twitter and Facebook.

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