Good Day Everyone…

I’ve decided to move from Blogger to WordPress, the reason being that I like moving with the times and I feel that Blogger didn’t grow up with me over the time I got to work with it as it still looks the same way and does the same things it did when I started blogging in 2012 whereas with WordPress things changed from back when I compared the two when I actually thought blogger was better.

The overall plan was to actually move to my own domain but then I messed up somewhere with the whole transaction so we will not do that right away but as time goes by I will eventually do that.

So yeah welcome to WordPress and I hope everyone enjoys our stay here, I hope you get to see all of the things that I am learning this side in the long run, I won’t share what exactly but I promise you will get to see it all in my future blogs.

Thanks for visiting the old blog and seeing me grow over the years from writing about all types of things go being where we are right now where I am fully concentrating on writing about the music side of things with a slice of technology here and there. I hope we get back to the numbers that we had achieved with Blogger like having had more than 16000 Pageviews in a matter of 7 full years, that’s a number I am proud of considering the fact that I wasn’t fully immersed in this during some of those years.

I love you all and thank you again for walking with me through this.

About the Author Thabang Modau

The name is Takalani Modau but for some reasons I go by Thabang, I'm from Soweto. I'm a huge music fan, it doesn't matter what you bring to me as it's great I will bump to it. I live with my wife, son and my younger sister. I have a full time job as a uhm lets say Data Capturer. I spent most of my day with headsets on if I am not listening to something on Spotify then I am watching something on YouTube or Netflix. I have been blogging on and off since 2012, it started as a means of me sharing my views on certain things to people in general and so forth. . I hope you enjoy reading my blog. if you want to get in touch please hit me up on twitter.
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