Yeah, It’s a Friday Everyone.

Another week has passed and it’s a Friday yeah. Today is actually the last Friday of the month and for that, I thought it would be best if I could be patriotic and give you a list that’s filled with South African songs, with this list, I tried to be as current as I could be by taking songs that are not older than a year so here we go.

Falling For You (Feat. A-Reece) by Ayanda Jiya

With this lady, I don’t want to lie to you and say before this song I knew her because I didn’t know her at all. On this song, she talks about falling for someone and A-Reece comes in with a killer verse and I find it along the same lines as Soul to Keep by Zonke with Kwesta which for me was a sleeper on that Zonke Album (L.O.V.E).

Mrs Me by Nasty C

I am so in love with this song and I’ve got say i still think its too short that 2 minutes 30 seconds or so isn’t enough but then at the same time I love the message it brings through hence I also think that he didn’t go overboard based on the fact that he thought maybe ness it up by adding more things on the track but then the shortness part its something I also feel when also talking about Gravy.

Mtan ‘Omuntu (Feat. Shwi No Mthekhala & Makwa) by Kid X

This for me is one of those tracks which if I wrote some sort of song of the year list for last year (2018) I would include and it would probably be in the top 5 or so. I don’t know how long it took me to get the song they sampled but yeah I did they actually sampled Speed Trap by Shwi No Mtekala from Angimazi Ubaba album or someone would say 2003/2004 (Remix). By the way, I really think that Make, a should get more recognition that’s what he is getting, he has produced a lot of hits for the Raplyf guys and more.

You and I (Feat. Mlindo The Vocalist) by Ricky Rick

When I wrote about Ricky on an older article I was feeling him and of late I am not as pumped about him as I was in the past, however, if he keeps on giving us something like this going forward, I might actually go back to being one of his biggest fans. Apparently, I am not alone on that whole thing because when I checked the numbers in Spotify it seems like this song has had more than 60 000 listens in a matter of a week unlike I can’t believe which at the moment only has 34 000 listens at the moment. Please also note that this is my favorite track at the moment.

Please also check out the playlist below as I’ve included all of the songs above.

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