It took me a minute to come up with a title but hey now there it is. So as a newbie here I thought I should give you bits and pieces of me that may introduce me to you but before that let me tell you what I will write about. Coughs twice well basically I’m a lover of life so I’ll write about everything: from food, great ideas for a night out, interior decorating, music, tv, technology, parenting, adulting… everything!! but for today here’s what’s what! Someone profound in my life once said “to know someone listens to the music they love ” so why not? Let me introduce moi through music. I am going to give you five songs which carry the utmost memories in my life in an arranged manner of cause.

5. Tracey Chapman – Fast Car

Look I grew up in a home where my parents loved music and shared the same music taste but for some reason this was my moms favourite song, my dad not so much and he never really gave me a reason why he didn’t like the song but because it brings back memories of my mom singing in my ears while she carried me in her arms while dancing.

4. Anita Baker – Sweet love

Again, I know I’ll sound cheesy but this song carries so many memories.. my mom and dad would literally hold each other side to side and dance in the kitchen while my mom was either cooking or baking. For me, right now as an adult, that memory has engraved what love should be and every time the song plays you find me pulling both their moves !! Yes !! Yes!!! Alone but hey


3. John Legend – Stay With You

Well to not get moooshy and in my feelings, I fell in love, this was our song. (Will continue this story some other time).


2. Ryan Lewis and Macklemore (Feat. Ed Sheeran) – Growing up.

This song gets me in my feelings because it sums up everything I felt about having a kid, about being a parent at a young age and it entails a lot of the things I want my kid to know.

  1. Unathi (Feat. Lady Smith Black Mambazo)  – Halo Sana (Buya Mama)

I’m the biggest lover of South African music. Especially music with a message and this has to be it. This song played on the radio while driving with my mom and she immediately liked it. I asked her why she liked the song seeing that it is the first time she was hearing it and she reminded me about how she used to work at Johannesburg while I was being taken care of by my great grandmother in Limpopo. she explained how the lyrics brought back memories of her coming back home to see me…  

The other reason I love this song is, it features Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

About the Author Khanyisa Jnr Modau

I am a 26 years old mommy to a prince, I am a lover of life.


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