Songs to Listen to This Month
Songs to Listen to This Month

Yeah, finally its May the 1st. For those who have been regulars here, I guess you might have noticed that I removed all of the curated music lists I had put as songs you should listen to that week and the main reason was that I felt that it would be much nicer if I put up all that music in a Monthly Edition which will then be our first edition of Songs to Listen to This Month. I know you loved the old lists the way they were but then I just think you will love the bigger version of that. The other reasons is that i have been moved to a new position at work so I do not have time to listen to music as i did. I hope you enjoy.

Americano by ¿Teo?

I don’t think you expected ¿Teo? as an artist to be on my list but damn I’m in love with this guys music, yeah at times I might not understand some of the stuff he says since it’s in Mexican or Spanish but I love his craft. I got introduced to his stuff via a collaboration he did with Jaden Smith on a track called Uno Dos.  My take on the song at hand is that he is taking on that whole Trump thing that’s playing out in the USA about Trump saying people who have a heritage from outside the USA are not American enough or something like that hence the lines like I’m Americano Columbiano and you find him referencing Colombian stuff.

De Ja (Feat. Kent Jamz) by Silva

Silva is an English DJ, Producer, Singer and Songwriter along the lines of SBTRKT and Jamie xx as he does music along those lines. Coming back to the song at hand De Ja is a take on the Deja Vu where you find Kent Jamz going through his relationships with them starting and ending the same way like his in some sort of loop.

GLOBE by Allan Kingdom

Globe is by Allan Kingdom whom some of you might know from that All Day single by Kanye West but if you dig a bit deeper you will find out that he is of African heritage as his father is from South African and his mother is from Tanzania and to show that he is not ashamed of the heritage he  works with South African acts like Espacio Dios on Mrs Africa who in turn has worked with Anatii on Mangwane and Una Rams on Wadjet. On this song, he talks about taking his girl all over the globe and showing her things she hasn’t seen before.

Goddamn by Rosehardt

Goddamn is a song by Rosehardt where he shares the struggles he has faced with the Christian faith its relationship to himself through storytelling. Rosehardt is a New York-based singer, songwriter, and actor. This song for me is one of the favorite songs at the moment and I think you check it out.

Ku Hava (Feat. Kid X) by Brenden Praise

Ku Hava is one of the best songs to come out of South Africa last year it just did not get the recognition it deserved due to the language barrier issue as I do not think a lot of people understand the language Brenden Praise uses which is Tsonga. I bet you are saying but Sho Madjozi is using the same language but making it work so I say in response yeah she is making it work but don’t forget the genre difference. To those who don’t understand Tsonga, the song talks about the fact that there is no other person like his other half.

On Top by Nadia Rose

On Top for me goes along the lines of British Grime and Trap music, besides that on this song which is my favourite track by her she talks about being on top again when compared the other British rappers and she shows that with her slick wordplay on her verses she drops.

Rhythm in The Dance by Miller Blue

On Rhythm in the Dance by Miller Blue who is a British singer talks about the rhythm that he gets from being happy. He then explains the other type of ways he gets the rhythm and so forth. For me, the getaway from this song is that this guy is great and as time goes by I might have to write an article about him as this songs beat, the ad-libs, his singing and the whole thing at the end sound very great.

Some Nights by SAINt JHN

We spoke about SAINt JHN in February so I won’t dwell on him as an individual but I will talk about this song which appears on his Collection One album. On the song, he does a great job of telling what we all go through some nights by drinking, smoke weed and some other things our peers do on those nights mentioned above. This for me is one of the main reasons why you should listen to SAINt JHN’s music as for me it brings that thing that The Weeknd brought in his music when started by talking about the money, drugs, sex and so forth.

Taken (Feat. B4bonah) by Ivy Sole

If you have never heard of this lady I suggest after this article you go check out her music as this lady is something else. On Taken she talks about this other person who is taken and she is asking her “why gotta be so taken” and she features a B4bonah who raps in one of the African languages. I love this song so much. The African inspired beat adds so much flavour to the vocals. After listening to this song don’t be shocked when you find out that she also raps as she is a rapper before a songstress.

Tried Up by Ama Lou

Tried Up by Ama Lou is a song you might already know if you follow Colors on YouTube as they featured her on the 24th of August 2018, I, however, feel that she was scared on the video or something of that sort but then if you listen to the recorded version of the song you will love this song as I do. I am not going to try and explain the song to you as I feel if you listen to the three track EP DDD by her you will get to understand it and love it as much as I do.

10111 (Feat. The Muffinz) by Reason

10111 by for me reminds me of the old 10111 by DJ Lamonka & Molemi as it delves into what Mo’ initially delved into with the old song, which is police brutality and matters of having to bribe police at times to be able to get out of a sticky situation with the cops and for me Reason made a great decision by including The Muffinz on this one as they did a splendid job with the hook I just hope they get more of these hooks in the future.

Blessings by Iman Europe

This is one of the overflows from the whole love song them I had last month. You will find her saying stuff like.

I’ll be the blessing

You’ve been

Wanting, needing, praying for

I’ll be the blessing

You’ve been

Stressing, feening, waiting for

I’ll be the blessing

You’ve been

Breathing, dreaming, saving it for

I’ll be yours

I’ll be yours

So if that’s not a nice line then I didn’t know what’s nice to you.

Breakfast and Chill (Feat. Mick Jenkins) by Supa Bwe

This is that Netflix & Chill song where it’s all about him asking to just chill with you and not do anything the whole day. Supa Bwe, Mick Jenkins, SABA & Smino just to name a few are those guys who came around the same time as Chance The Rapper and I feel that those guys are actually going against the grain when it comes to the current crop of hip-hop artists, yes they might not be making as much money but then money doesn’t buy you happiness.

Dread by Protoje

Dread for me is an old gem that I feel will always be dear to me as when that song was released in 2010 by Protoje it kind of made me think that this guy would be as big as the Marley Brothers or something along those lines as I felt instead of going the route that everyone in Dance-hall or Reggae music was going km he kind of went to what Bob Marley did himself and that for me at that point made him great and if I am not mistaken this song might have been the greatest reggae song of that year.

Energy (Feat. WizKid) by Skepta

This song was on my most played list for 2018 and that only means one thing and that’s the fact that this song is a hit, Skepta is one of those British artists which I feel have been slept on for a while now, WizKid on the other side brings in this track what made Drake work with him in the last couple of years even though we all and that these days all Drake does is use people but that’s none of my business. If you don’t know Skepta then check out his old hit All Over The House. Please also note that this song is so good that J Spades made his own verion of this song. By the way, my wife approves of this song.

Make Luv by Brent Faiyaz

First and foremost I need you to know that I am a huge Brent Faiyaz fan, this guy and his group Sonder me are just something else, when the whole music scene was going the trap, or let me say Chris Brown type of music this guy and some other R&B guys came back with that genuine R&B that most of the 90’s kids grew up listening to and I’ve got to say for me it’s just a great thing.

Ooh Nah Nah (Feat. Masego) by SiR

Your heartbeat woke me up this morning

Still got the taste of you on the tip of my tongue

So beautiful when you’re sleeping

May fall in love again if I stay too long

What we did last night

Ooh it was amazing

If I gave you the rest of my life

I pray you will take it home

I started off that verse because when you listen to the best you will hear that it sounds like the heartbeat which he starts of the whole song talk of about, SiR is actually also part of that group of artists which I always talk about and say they have brought back that greatness that R&B once had in the past, yeah i might not say it that way but that’s what up and I think Masego should also be put on that list, if you don’t know who Masego is then he is the guy who sings on the third verse which incorporates the trumpet which he also plays by the way.

Popping (Boj & Odunsi The Engine) by Show Dem Camp

First and foremost I need to tell you that this is a hit song, yeah I know you might not know the song but I think that just by listening to the song you will agree with me on the statement above. This song is on that huge Afrobeat vibe that has been coming out of Nigeria for a while now which we all know is taking over the South African hence even South African artists are trying to emulate it which major failure.

Rapid Fire (Feat. Shane Eagle & Amaarae) by Santi

Before we talk about this I just feel that Shane Eagle should’ve come back at the end of the song for a bigger and better verse as that minor intro doesn’t do it for me in terms of the song as on this one Santi and Amaarae bring kill it for me when it’s comes to this some in all ways, talking about Amaarae if I am not mistaken reminds me of Theo that lady who was in Boom Shaka she has a different voice yo everyone in the music I just hope she uses it unlike what Theo did which was vanish of off the surface of the earth.

Tripping (Feat. Khalid) by Buddy

If you didn’t know who Buddy I suggest you just go listen to his Harlan & Alondra (Deluxe) album and you will get a kid with immense talent, for me the sky is the limit when it comes to this him. Coming to the song, for me, it’s all about drug addiction and how you feel after a smoke of weed or so with some other stuff with Khalid coming in with that killer chorus that makes you go through the motions.

Falling For You (Feat. A-Reece) by Ayanda Jiya

With this lady, I don’t want to lie to you and say before this song I knew her because I didn’t know her at all. On this song, she talks about falling for someone and A-Reece comes in with a killer verse and I find it along the same lines as Soul to Keep by Zonke with Kwesta which for me was a sleeper on that Zonke Album (L.O.V.E).

Mrs Me by Nasty C

I am so in love with this song and I’ve got say i still think its too short that 2 minutes 30 seconds or so isn’t enough but then at the same time I love the message it brings through hence I also think that he didn’t go overboard based on the fact that he thought maybe ness it up by adding more things on the track but then the shortness part its something I also feel when also talking about Gravy.

Mtan ‘Omuntu (Feat. Shwi No Mthekhala & Makwa) by Kid X

This for me is one of those tracks which if I wrote some sort of song of the year list for last year (2018) I would include and it would probably be in the top 5 or so. I don’t know how long it took me to get the song they sampled but yeah I did they actually sampled Speed Trap by Shwi No Mtekala from Angimazi Ubaba album or someone would say 2003/2004 (Remix). By the way, I really think that Make, a should get more recognition that’s what he is getting, he has produced a lot of hits for the Raplyf guys and more.

You and I (Feat. Mlindo The Vocalist) by Ricky Rick

When I wrote about Ricky on an older article I was feeling him and of late I am not as pumped about him as I was in the past, however, if he keeps on giving us something like this going forward, I might actually go back to being one of his biggest fans. Apparently, I am not alone on that whole thing because when I checked the numbers in Spotify it seems like this song has had more than 60 000 listens in a matter of a week unlike I can’t believe which at the moment only has 34 000 listens at the moment. Please also note that this is my favourite track at the moment.

Blind Man by Xavier Omär

With this song, Xavier tells of how he loves someone’s spiritual being or what’s deeper as that can be more beautiful than their physical being. Please also check out what I write about him on one of my previous posts (R&B Artist to look out for in 2018)

Home Alone by Reason

For me, Reason’s Home Alone takes me back to the days I started dating my wife. Reason tells of a thing he had with high school girlfriend and how he would want to do the deeds with her when they were home alone. This song for me shows that Una Rams (whom I wrote about in the past) can be a bigger act in our music scene and if you didn’t believe me then check it out and also play DJ Speedsta’s No Stress with him and Zoocci Coke Dope and I still stand by what I said in my old post about South African Hip Hop when I spoke about Reason.

Love Me Right by Amber Mark

Love Me Right is one of those songs that talk about that point that every relationship goes through where you feel like it’s crumbling so she talks to her partner not loving her right and trying to fix things so that things can eventually get back to the way they were before

Suited by Shekinah

This is probably one of my favourite songs from the Rose Gold album by Shekinah and if you know the song you will understand that it talks about how the relationship is perfect and how she feels that they (her and her partner) are suited for each other. I also believe that her not winning Idols SA that year was probably the best thing to happen to her as she shared on an old MTV Base Interview.

We Find Love by Daniel Caesar

With the last song of the week I’ve included We Find Love by Daniel Caesar, for me this guy is one of those people whom for me are bringing back that real R&B from the late ’90s and early 2000s. If I were to compile a list I would put him, H.E.R, Brent Faiyaz, The Internet and Xavier Omär just to name a few as I feel they are doing great for the R&B Scene for at the moment. Please listen to this song and Blessed to understand the whole concept behind the song as I don’t want to make you lose the true meaning.

5 Minutes by Sibu Nzuza (02 November 2018)

Sibu Nzuza is a singer, songwriter, and producer from KwaZulu Natal. He is signed to the controversial Ambitiouz Entertainment. The song is about him trying to juggle working and pleasing his partner with her wanting his attention while he is busy trying to write his music.

Body Was Made For Mine by Kiara Lanier (22 December 2017)

Kiara Lanier is a Chicago native female artist who has in the past worked with Chance The Rapper and Noname just to name a few. The song is about her explaining to her lover that your body is made for mine there is none much to add to that.

Down Bitch (Feat. Boogie Wit Da Hoodie) by Casanova (29 June 2018)

Casanova is signed to Jay-Z’s record label Roc Nation and on the song, he teamed up with Boogie Wit Da Hoodie who does wonders with the hook, they talk about their ride or die chick, the partners who stood by them through thick and thin and to put things in to context Casanova went to jail, he spent around 8 years there, it’s been said that one of his cellmates was A$ap Rocky, he was in jail. During that stint, he had his first child during his first year and just after coming back from jail he had his second child.

Moments Passed by Dermot Kennedy (19 September 2017)

Dermot Kennedy is an Irish singer, a songwriter who on this song tells us about him losing someone whom he loved dearly and while busy mourning the death he then falls in love with someone else or something along those lines.

Roboto by C-Live (Feat. Siya Shezi and Payseen)(29 September 2017)

Roboto is one of those songs which I feel never went the full distance when it comes to exposure as in airplay and all of those things that come with it as for me the beat is wonderful, it is produced by Jayhbee the guy who produced Moto by L-Tido. Siya Shezi is one of those guys who I feel never got to blow up, maybe it is a matter of him not having a big record label behind him or something like that as I feel he is a great storyteller kind of reminds me of what the Late Pro Kid was capable of. On this song, he is wooing his partner and telling her how he feels about her.

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Songs to Listen to this Month

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