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Good Day, Everyone. I have never thought I would be this deeply in love with Anime shows but then here we are. Back in the day, we would rush back home to watch Dragonball Z and Pokemon respectively on SABC 2 and for me that was it. It might have been two different kinds of anime shows but then me and my friends in Primary School we would have something to talk about during lunch breaks with conversations ranging from how Goku might defeat Freezer or Majin Boo or on the other side how Team Rocket seems to be blasted off on all of their encounters with Ash and Pikachu.

Thereafter those shows, there was Naruto and Bakugan Battle Brawlers which to be honest I never gave an opportunity hence I then thought as a grown up it would be best if I just watched normal television shows, which then brings me to today’s topic of 10 Anime shows you should consider watching on Netflix South Africa in no particular order.


Baki is about a 13-year-old kid who is said to be the strongest man on earth so you find every person in the world coming to the country he resides in just to test if he is as he billed by the rumours that are going around.

One Punch Man

One Punch Man is just about that a man who kills dangerous threats by means of a single punch, everything about Saitama screams that this guy is just average with no special powers of any kind but then that single punch is something else. The only issue here is that we had to wait for years to get Season 2 of this show and there is also a possibility of us not getting it.


If you in the past have watched something that has to do with The Count Dracula then I suggest that you try to watch this show as it looks at drastic measures that the count takes due to love. Please note unlike Hotel Transylvania this is a show you should never watch with kids around. Please also note that this is the only American show on this list.

The Seven Deadly Sin

This is one of the greatest anime shows I have watched in my whole life hands down, at the beginning it follows Elizabeth who is looking at reuniting the Seven Deadly Sins who are said to be the strongest group of people in the whole world and it is also said that are wanted individuals due to something that happened in the past.

Sword Art Online I – II

Sword Art Online I and II on Netflix somehow appear as if its two different shows however it is one show. This all follows Kirito who is AR gamer who gets to be part of the group of people who are locked inside an AR game and the only way for them to finish the game is by means of them finishing the game.

B The Begining

To not give this away, its about a division in the police that’s been tasked with investigating an unseen serial killer who leaves his mark on all of his kills.

I am sorry that these trailers are in the Japanese language however I can assure you that when watching them on Netflix you can choose English if you want an English dub or you can go for subtitles which for some reason I don’t suggest when watching an English dub.

At the moment I am currently watching Sirius The Jaeger, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Devil Man: Crybaby with my Netflix list having shows like Hero Mask, Ingress: The Animation just to name a few.

What have you watched amongst these shows and what do you think I should try.

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